BIOECOnomy Research Driven Innovation (BioECO-RDI) International Strategy for ADRION region is one of the main outputs of the project. It highlights the results of national SWOT analysis and national BioECO-RDI strategies prepared by the partnership.

The transnational BIOECO- RDI Strategy is a result of the first year’s BIOECO RDI project activities, which were mostly related to analysing the regional/national bioeconomy and its development in project regions (Umbria region (Italy), Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Region of Western Macedonia (Greece)).

It is conceived as a complementary part of the regional/national strategies with the aim to support the development of regional /national bioeconomy RDI policy in an international scenario. The findings in the document are based on national and international work group meetings, and meetings with chosen representatives of industry, research and policy in each country.

The transnational strategy contributes to the programmes specific objective because it aims to lead the regions of the area toward the creation of development of a model which guarantee:

  • Creation of collaborative network among regions, enterprises and academia aimed at developing a common path towards improvement of regional research driven innovation in the area of bioeconomy and therefore the maturity of bieoconomy business;
  • Transition toward higher level of green chemical research and technology applications
  • Promoting cross-sector clustering process oriented toward creation of integrated supply chains at regional and international level
  • Integration of bioeconomy enterprises in the international innovation network
  • Development of bio based market in the region
  • Activation of collaborative research, knowledge transfer, industrial innovation and skill development in the field of bioeconomy and by that help bridging the gap between countries in the region and help reducing large regional disparities in the area of bioeconomy
  • Creating opportunities for direct contacts among SMEs working in the bioeconomy, renewable energy, waste management sector in order to support the start-up of commercial and industrial relations
  • Also support the start-ups in each country involved in the project that can be put in contact with the network of companies, research centers and institutions involved in the project
  • Development of a common virtual platform in order to give international visibility to the requests and offers of collaboration that could therefore activate partnerships also with others different countries than those already involved in the project


The document is twofold and identifies common fields of cooperation and specific development targets for all actors involved in the collaboration network. In the first part it describes the international collaboration network and its objectives while the second part describes more in detail bi and multi-actors collaboration initiatives.

The activities in the strategy will be executed in the second part of the project duration.

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