Research Driven Innovation Project platform

The platform has been designed with an idea of the organization of a virtual environment that, within and in connection to the project, can stimulate sharing of information, creation of new contacts and favor the exchange of ideas on transnational collaboration. The sections of the platform therefore frame the same in the context of the reference sector of the bioeconomy in the broad sense, providing for each sector different kinds of information.
It is a virtual environment that aims to be a natural container where those who have been involved for their various capacities into the project (companies, institutions, etc.) can contribute to feed contents and share needs, offers and collaboration proposals.
The platform will have visibility through specific links on the institutional sites of the partners. The dissemination and information effect will be progressive and will increase proportionally with the increase of the amount of contents and information.
The available sections allow you to download the documentation made available by the partners and to be informed about the main events, initiatives and news that may come from the partner countries and which concern the bioeconomy sector. All the visitors are therefore invited to leave their contribution which will be public and available to anyone who makes access to the platform. The partner organizations of the project are also available for direct contacts useful for promoting research and meeting with operators from the various countries involved.


Settembre 18th, 2020
The new dates for the Green Symposium 2020 have been defined, the first edition of the event promoted by to facilitate the meeting between institutions, business associations, consortia and citizens
Febbraio 24th, 2020
The 2020 edition of Connext has been postponed. We will keep you informed about the new date.
Febbraio 21st, 2020
During Connext 2020, scheduled at MiCo Milan from 27th to 28th February 2020, events and seminars on Sustainability will take place.
Dicembre 28th, 2019
Per le imprese umbre, dall’8 gennaio 2020 al 28 febbraio 2020
Ottobre 8th, 2019
In Rome on 17th -18th October 2019
Settembre 13th, 2019
Horizon 2020 Info Day on Societal Challenge 2 calls for proposals of 2020 - Thursday, 4 July, 2019
Settembre 12th, 2019
Settembre 10th, 2019
Entrepreneurs’ Mission in Albania and North Macedonia - 10th -14th November 2019

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