Bioeco-RDI Project

The ADRION region is identified as the area with relevant unexploited potential of biomass from agricultural, fisheries and forestry waste and residues. The development and implementation of bioeconomy throughout the region is very diverse in sense of its bioeconomy development. While some parts of region are recognized as being in its mature stage (according to the bioeconomy RDI level and business maturity), the majority of region is in its initial or in driving to maturity stage. Therefore significant delays in the green reconversion, multi-functioning, technology innovation and cross-sector integration within the companies operating in the sectors dealing with biomass were identified. The regional mainly traditional business (chemical, plastics, etc.) needs to start investing in more eco oriented process. In this perspective bioeconomy guarantees a research driven innovation process for a new sustainable development of the area.

The BIOECO- R.D.I. project is designed to support research driven innovation and cluster maturity in the ADRION region. The project is trying to guide the structured bio-economy sector through the development of Research Driven Innovation (R.D.I.) to develop a Regional Innovative System for the Adriatic-Ionian region. The implementation of the national and international strategies would enable to design a suitable process of incorporation and development of bio-economy for all the countries in the region. That is important since not all countries have the same maturity of bio-economy processes, yet they all need an eligible process that guarantees that enterprises in the region are able to operate successfully in a more advanced and integrated market. That market should be supported with efficient policies on regional and national levels, strongly based on the circular economy approach.

The project addresses some of the main challenges and needs identified in the region and highlights the possible areas of collaboration where the international group could contribute to the development of local and regional bioeconomies. Its expected results are implementation of regional and international Innovation system based on BIO-economy research driven innovation strategies. The recommendations given in project documents will work towards promoting the benefits of the bioeconomy for development and uptake of research driven innovation in the bio based products sector for the national as well as for the regional economy development.

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