R.M.T. Recupero Materiali Terni s.r.l.

RMT is the first plant of its kind in Central Italy, founded in 2012 on the initiative of several industrial groups in the area that are pay particular attention to environmental problems.

We are in the industrial area of ​​Maratta Bassa in Terni (TR) in the area of ​​18,000 sqm. of which 1,000 sqm are for the waste stockage.

Our production capacity is 20 tons / h and we process up to 216,000 tons / year. We have a unique redundant washing section for a complete soil washing. In addition to road sweeping, we treat lands from non-hazardously contaminated sites and remove sand from purifiers.

In the case of street sweeping, the recovery of material contributes to increase the percentage of separate collection with obvious advantage both for Public Administrations and for the citizen.

We operate and create profits by applying the principles and concepts of the circular economy.

The idea is to generate economic, social and above all environmental sustainability, through the activation of a virtuous cycle that allows to enhance the waste by transforming it into a raw material.

The concept of recyclability is therefore the basis of our business initiatives that make of sustainability our inspiration.


Company name R.M.T. Recupero Materiali Terni s.r.l.

Sector Green Economy -

Address Strada Maratta Bassa, 85; 05100 Terni Italy

Country Italy

Phone +39 338 69 400 49

E-mail sabatini@rmtrecupero.it

Web-site www.rmtrecupero.it

What it asks

The company is always looking for new ways to use the waste produced by the road sweeping recovery cycle. Among these we can also indicate: organic material consisting mainly of leaves and pine needles and non-hazardous sludge consisting mainly of fine aggregates.

What it offers

RMT offers the service of recovery of materials from the mechanized road sweeping, land treatment from non-hazardously contaminated sites and treatment of sand from purifiers. It has a production capacity of 20 tons / h and is allowed to treat 216,000 tons / year. Thanks to the recovery service, the company produces three different granulometries of aggregates with CE marking for the construction sector. The plant consists of a completely automated industrial line that is able to treat waste coming from street garbage, from the cleaning of drains and from the elimination of sand from purifiers. The waste is conveyed to the plant by vehicles with dumpsters that discharge it into the storage area, then a mechanical shovel supplies a loading hopper that doses the waste to the plant used for soil-washing treatment. In addition to being characterized by a significant environmental value, the plant implements the EU principles, regional and provincial directives by providing a reduction in the amount of waste to be sent to the landfill and also by allowing Public Administrations to reduce disposal costs and concurrently contribute to the achievement of the recovery percentages provided for by the regulations in force for separate collection. The range of the collection of the plant is 300 Km.

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