Pulp and Paper Institute Ljubljana

Pulp and Paper Institute is an industry-based research and development centre specialized on valorization and application of natural fibrous materials. Institute is a valuable partner in different value chains targeting advanced use of biomass and development of competitive bio-based materials and end products. With its interdisciplinary team and comprehensive research infrastructure institute support its partners in development of products from the idea to a prototype and semi-industrial testing.


Company name Pulp and Paper Institute Ljubljana

Sector Bio Economy - Circular Economy - Green Chemistry - Green Economy - Waste Management -

Address Bogišićeva 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Country Republic of Slovenia

Phone +386 1 200 28 00

E-mail icp@icp-lj.si

Web-site icp-lj.si

What it asks

Research and industrial partnership on:
- Advanced biomass fractionalization (biorefinery) processes
- Nanocellulose production and applications
- Technologies for development of composite materials with high content of natural fibre ( wet-laid, moulding, thermoforming)
- Advanced packaging, multifunctional ( barrier) materials

What it offers

We offer test beds and specials competence in material measurements techniques, certification, standardization and quality control. New materials, products and processes can be validated in lab and upscaled in tests under real-work conditions. Test beds can be used for both direct commercial assignments and as a resource in joint research and innovation projects.
We offer:
- Certified laboratories for characterization and valorization of fibrous / bio-based material – fully equipped labs for chemical, biological, mechanical and graphical testing of testing of materials and end products.
- Pilot equipment for semi-industrial trial from biomass fractionation, paper and paper web processing, calendaring and coating, printing and packaging – comprehensive infrastructure for prototyping and industrial demonstrations.
- Expert competence on development and use of bio-based materials – experienced interdisciplinary team and extensive national and international network on biorefinery concepts, papermaking and packaging. Institute participates in a number of challenge-driven national and international R&D projects.
- Training and skills development – tailored training programs on materials and technologies in papermaking, packaging and recycling.

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