Packaging that feeds the Earth.

We produce compostable and biologically made films and packages that contribute to the protection of the Environment.

We implement an Ecosystem-friendly production cycle thanks to the use of compostable and partially bio-based raw materials.

We adopt the principles of the Green Chemistry and the Circular Economy, by using processes with a low environmental impact, as act of conscience towards future generations.

Since 1977 we have been dreaming of a sustainable future. Since 1995, we have developed biodegradable products made of Mater-Bi®, thus anticipating the market demand. Nowadays we produce compostable packages, source of nutrition for our Planet.

We constantly perfect our production processes by taking unexplored paths, to create sustainable, safe and high-added value products.xcc

Circular production chain

We mainly use the resources of the territory and realise internally the whole production cycle in order to guarantee a high-quality standard of the final product.

We take inspiration from the customer‘s needs to develop new ideas and we involve our suppliers in the analysis and production processes.

Today, Polycart has over 45 employees, 2 production facilities (Palazzo di Assisi and Ospedalicchio di Bastia Umbra, Italy) covering over 6000 square metres.


Company name POLYCART SPA

Sector Other: production of flexible packaging in plastic and bioplastics

Address Via delle Macine 6 ; 06081 / Palazzo di Assisi PG, Italy

Country Italy

Phone +39 075 8098000

E-mail l.bianconi@polycart.eu

Web-site www.polycart.eu

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Certified compostable packaging suitable for food

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