Mirachrome srl

Mirachrome is the result of experience matured over forty years in the production sector of polymer products.
Mirachrome produces master-batches made from polyolefin (PE/PP), polystyrene (PS) and techno-polymer (ABS/PA and similar) resins used to colour plastic products, as well as additives and stabilizers capable of giving materials special characteristics, providing assistance in the processing phase and guaranteeing the optimal performance required by the final products for their life cycles.


Company name Mirachrome srl

Sector Bio Economy - Green Chemistry - Green Economy - Other: Chemical – Plastics

Address Piazzale Donegani 4, 05100 TERNI

Country Italy

Phone +39 0744/800053

E-mail info@mirachrome.it

Web-site www.mirachrome.it

What it asks

Biopolymers, additives, opportunities in new markets, opportunities to cooperate in an international environment, and with abroad companies

What it offers

• A company with highly technological structures and cutting-edge equipment.
• Product quality guaranteed by an internal company laboratory, equipped with Colour Matching instruments.
• On-going co-operation with the University and private structures for further tests for the qualification of materials.
• Production flexibility which, with 7 extrusion lines, allows lead time to be guaranteed for fast delivery and to meet requests also for small lots.
• Maximum attention to the customer’s requirements, thanks to an experience consolidated over the years.

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