MarinaLab Opus d.o.o.

Family company for producing medicinal products, cosmetics, special purpose cosmetics, and food supplements. Oriented to production of high quality, safe, and effective products according to the legislation and international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, and to constant gain of customer satisfaction. All aspects of business are improved through implementation of quality assurance system, and through constant improvement of knowledge, methodology and products with ensured open communication with customers and suppliers.


Company name MarinaLab Opus d.o.o.

Sector Aquaculture - Bio Economy - Circular Economy - Food Processing - Green Economy -

Address Kraljevečka cesta 7, 10252 Kupinečki Kreljevec, Croatia

Country Republic of Croatia

Phone +385 01 61 12 482



What it asks

Partners to cooperate on development of our products and extension to new markets.

What it offers

High quality, safe, and effective products for cosmetic, pharmaceutic and other applications based on algal extracts and other bioproducts

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