Maribu d.o.o.

Company Maribu d.o.o. based in Ližnjan, is specialized in providing services in the field of business consultancy and representation of foreign companies in the field of fisheries. The company offers a range of quality services, such as consulting, providing business plans and financial studies for companies, providing developing strategies and development guidelines for public bodies and institutions as well as the private sector. lt is oriented to the market of fishing and aquaculture.


Company name Maribu d.o.o.

Sector Agrofood - Aquaculture - Bio Economy - Circular Economy - Food Processing - Green Economy - Waste Management - Other: Fishing seafood processing

Address Put za Marleru 29 52204 Ližnjan, Croatia

Country Republic of Croatia

Phone +385 99 228 69 48


What it asks

Partners to cooperate on sustainable development of fisheries (fishing & aquaculture and sustainable development of coastal areas

What it offers

Know-how on fisheries in Fishing and aquaculture

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