Lucy Plast spa

Lucy Plast spa, with its presence for more than 40 years on the international market, operates in the sector of plastic products following a circular economy system. The first activity refers to the process of recycling the various industrial waste polyolefin ( polypropylene – PP and polyethylene – LDPE / HDPE) to produce different types of compound. The compound (regrind) is produced  with systems based on standard processes such as densification and extrusion. The products are suitable for use in various sectors: industrial packaging, garden furniture, car manufacture, building construction and packaging.

Thanks to its internal laboratory, provided of high technology testing instruments, Lucy Plast is able to verify and select the properties and suitability of the recovered materials and the granules produced and is able to make customized products.

The second activity refers to the moulding process – by means of injection moulding – of plastic products for packaging ( a wide range of crates for fruit and vegetable, cheese, meat, etc..) and technical articles for the packaging of film reels: end-plates and plugs.

Environmental awareness, sustainable development, energy saving, renewable energy sources, all are fundamental concepts in Lucy Plast’s business plan.


Company name Lucy Plast spa

Sector Other: Selection and regeneration of plastic waste, production of plastic granules and compounds

Address Zona Ind. Pian D’Assino snc 06019 Umbertide, PG

Country Italy

Phone 075/ 941 7862



What it asks

We look for raw material, industrial plastic waste and clean post consumption waste mainly PP and PE under different shapes, foils, film sheets, labels, pallets, crates, bags, ropes, etc.

What it offers

Plastic compound, granules and regrinded coming from industrial sorted and processed plastic waste PP and PE.

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