KROKOS KOZANIS (“Cooperative de Safran / Crocos – 500 10 Kozani”)

The Cooperative of Saffron (KROKOS KOZANIS)

The Cooperative was founded in 1971. It consists of 1,000 members and has the exclusive right to collect, process, pack and distribute saffron from the Kozani area.

The aim of the Cooperation is threefold:

  • Coordinate the cultivation of the saffron plant to increase production and improve quality.
  • Collect and distribute the product.
  • Standardize and uniform the appearance of the product.

Company name KROKOS KOZANIS (“Cooperative de Safran / Crocos – 500 10 Kozani”)

Sector Agrofood - Food Processing -

Address Evripidou 1,50010, Krokos Kozani, Western Macedonia, Greece

Country Region of Western Macedonia – Greece

Phone 0030 24610 63283



What it asks

- Partnerships and collaborations in the framework of developing and implementing projects & activities pertaining to Food Processing and Agrofood sector
- Consulting Services

What it offers

- High quality product
- Networking

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