Greek Innovative Nurseries (GRINN)

Greek Innovative Nurseries (GRINN) was founded in 2015 in Naousa (Central Macedonia) and employs 4 agronomists and 10 workers. In early 2020, the production has been transferred to the area of Larissa (Region of Thessaly). GRINN’s overriding concern is to be a modern high standards nursery. Its main cultivations are: peach, apricot, plum, almond, cherry, apple, pear and walnut. The company’s comparative advantage over its local competitors is that since its establishment it has built collaborations and partnerships with big European companies and Institutes with expertise the improvement of crops variety. In addition, it continuously improves the quality of its production and brings to the Greek producer the latest updates by providing know-how and technical & scientific support on arboriculture issues. GRINN’s long-term plan is to cultivate all its production in non-soil growing media.


Company name Greek Innovative Nurseries-GRINN

Sector Agricultural Automation - Agrofood - Bio Economy - Circular Economy -

Address Railway Station of Naousa, 59035, Imathia-Central Macedonia, Greece

Country Region of Western Macedonia – Greece

Phone +30 6949735741



What it asks

- Broaden its network and build partnerships with organizations and companies in the ADRION Region
- Innovative systems for sustainable greenhouse production

What it offers

- Technical and scientific consultancy services in the field of arboriculture

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