Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) Istrian Sole

Fisheries Local action group (FLAG) represents local partnership between public, private and civic sector as equals, on a specific geographically linked area, based on the LEADER approach guidelines. The aim of establishing a FLAG is to use joint efforts, through the compilation of Fisheries Local development strategies and implementation of specific joint development projects, in order to improve the overall development and raise the competitiveness of the target rural area.


Company name Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) Istrian Sole

Sector Aquaculture - Bio Economy - Circular Economy - Green Economy -

Address 154. Brigade Hrvatske vojske 5, Pazin, Croatia

Country Republic of Croatia

Phone +385 91 624 6246



What it asks

Partners to cooperate on sustainable development of fisheries and coastal areas

What it offers

Know-how on fisheries in the Adriatic and local development strategies, as well as joint development projects

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