Faculty of Biotechnology and Food

Agricultural University of Tirana is the oldest university in Albania, founded on November 1st 1951. AUT originally functioned as the Higher State Agricultural Institute and throughout its history of operation has been granted University status. AUT is a unique center of higher education in Albania. Studies at AUT provide our students with in-depth scientific and vocational training and education in areas such as: crop production, animal production, horticulture, plant protection, aquaculture and fishing, agro environment, agricultural policies, marketing, agro tourism, wood industry, veterinary medicine and public health.

FBF enables preparation of specialists and scientists in agro-food engineering ( agro-food technologists and viticulture-enologists), food biotechnologists and nutrition and food safety specialists, capable of contributing to all stages of food chain ( manipulating and transforming raw materials from fruit-vegetable and animal origin, packing, preservation and marketing of food products, including quality assurance of processes and products, through the implementation of food quality control systems and its administration, through promotion and participation of students and academic staff in advanced education, research and training programs in above areas.


Company name Faculty of Biotechnology and Food

Sector Agrofood - Bio Economy - Food Processing - Waste Management -

Address Rruga “Pajsi Vodica”, Kodër – Kamëz, Tiranë, Postal code: 1029

Country Republic of Albania

Phone +355 47200 869


What it asks

Services (technological transfer, training, scientific research) on all the sectors mentioned above.

What it offers

Services (technological transfer, training, scientific research) on all the sectors mentioned above.

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