Elpis SMLTD energy & construction company

Elpis is a family company involved in the field of renewable energy sources which mainly produces pellets (pellet from beech, fir and pine), briquettes and charcoal. The company is outward looking and carries out tests and experiments examining the potential of other biomass sources such as by products from bean, stones from peach and olives etc.Εlpis is registered in the Electronic Waste Register (HMA) of the Ministry of Envrironment and Energy as a wood waste recycling company.


Company name Elpis SMLTD energy & construction company

Sector Bio Economy - Circular Economy - Waste Management -

Address 5th km Kozani-Larisa road, Kozani 50100, Western Macedonia,Greece

Country Region of Western Macedonia – Greece

Phone 0030 24610 24844 - 0030 6948 785170 - 0030 6946 437817

E-mail elpiscompany.elati@gmail.com

Web-site www.elpis-mepe.g

What it asks

- Partnerships and collaborations in the framework of developing and implementing projects & activities pertaining to Bio Economy, Circular Economy and Waste Management associated with biomass utilization for energy purposes
- Wood waste and residues

What it offers

- R&D and business activities in the field of bioenergy
- Participation in research projects
- Recycled solid biomass fuels

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