Waste Management of Western Macedonia S.A.- DIADYMA

Waste Management of Western Macedonia (DIADYMA) S.A. was established by the municipalities of Western Macedonia (WM) in 1998. DIADYMA S.A. is the official body of waste management for the Region of WM (National Law 4071/2012). The company’s major task is the design, implementation & operation of the integrated waste management plans of WM, through the implementation of sustainable management methods, in accordance with national and European legislation. The company specializes in areas such as environmental engineering, analysis and evaluation of waste management systems and environmental impacts including collection / transport systems, recycling, municipal solid waste processing, design & remediation of landfill sites and hazardous waste management.


Company name Waste Management of Western Macedonia S.A.- DIADYMA

Sector Bio Economy - Circular Economy - Green Economy - Waste Management -

Address 6th km. Kozani-Ptolemaida, 50100, Kozani-Western Macedonia, Greece

Country Region of Western Macedonia – Greece

Phone +30 24610-45531 / +30 24610-45533

E-mail info@diadyma.gr

Web-site www.diadyma.gr

What it asks

- Strengthening the circular economy in the Region of Western Macedonia
- Cooperation/Partnerships with organizations in the area of circular economy and bioeconomy to enhance green growth
- Build collaboration relationships with academia
- Collaborations/Alliances with aim to create new products and services

What it offers

- Waste collection / transportation / treatment services.
- Collection services for the management of recyclable materials (including organic food waste, used edible oils).
- Material reuse services through the Material Reuse Centers

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