Cromaris d.d.

Cromaris is a leading company In the aquaculture sector in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. Cromaris is a company that specializes in growing, processing and sale of indigenous Adriatic fish and shellfish. We were established in 2009 through merger of Croatian and European aquaculture pioneers. Our fish has been present in the European market for over 35 years. Cromaris brand values are primarily connected to its extra freshness, quality and origin.


Company name Cromaris d.d.

Sector Aquaculture - Food Processing -

Address Gaženička cesta 4b ; 23000 Zadar; Croatia

Country Republic of Croatia

Phone +385 23/254-960



What it asks

Raw material / bio based products. Fish oil and meal are the most expensive components of fish feed, mostly depending on fishery quotas in Peru and Chile. We need adequate substitution based on biosustainability in order to expand farming performances regarding growth rate, mortality rate etc.

What it offers

We offer know-how accumulated over the years. We have profiled a team of experts in the fields of fish farming, spawning and processing.

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