Agroproteinka d.d.

Agroproteinka d.d. is a company for collecting and processing of animal by products; The company operates a biogas plant, and uses the heat energy produced for operation of the same plant and the other adjacent plants.


Company name Agroproteinka d.d.

Sector Agricultural Automation - Food Processing - Waste Management -

Address Strojarska cesta 11, HR-10360 Sesvete, Croatia

Country Republic of Croatia

Phone +385 (0) 1 2046 776



What it asks

lmprovement of our products; New partners; Application of our products in different sectors; Reduction of expenses in technological process; New technologies.

What it offers

Meal and bone meal, technical fat, poultry meal, animal protein and animal fat. Application is wide: animal nutrition and feed, pet food, fertilizers, chemical industry, energy. Current commercial partners are EU and non- EU countries and Asian countries.

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